Zakat Advocacy

Fayruz is a passionate advocate of zakat and is the lead female advocacy presenter in the education and empowerment of both zakat and governance at SANZAF. She produces and hosts numerous zakat advocacy programmes through radio, tv, and various online platforms throughout the country to increase awareness and educate the broader South African community. 

She is an international speaker and has been invited to share her knowledge on topics related to Zakat, Governance and Women in Leadership at a number of events internationally. These include:

- Al Baraka Bank Fourm (Johannesburg) - Islamic Economy Around the World

- WOMANi Symposium (Jakarta, Indonesia)
- iConsult Africa International Islamic Finance Conference (Cape Town, SA)

- Global Zakat 2.0 Conference (India - virtual)
- WOMANi Symposium (UK – virtual)
- ILMA University 2nd International Conference (Pakistan - virtual)

- World Zakat Forum (Indonesia – virtual)

In addition, Fayruz is a professional Zakat consultant and offers her services free to anyone who requires clarity or assistance in the calculation of their zakat. 

In her free time, Fayruz currently contributes her views on topics such as zakat, governance and women leadership in both international and local spaces. Articles featured:

- The Forum (UK) - April 2023 - Zakat Collection and Distribution: Modern Challenges, Practical Solutions from a South African pespective
- Islamic Finance News (UK) (Country Feature) - November 2022 – The importance of the inclusivity of Women in Islamic Finance
- Perspectives (ISFIRE( (UK) – October 2022  – Women within cybersecurity

- Quran-Nur website – short articles on zakat
- Community local newspapers

Zakat Consultant

Assisting individuals in calculating their zakat.

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Education: Governance & Zakat

Educating the broader South Africa on the topic of Governance & Zakat.

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